Russian Orthodox Cathedral Nice

A small panorama..

… for me, anyway. I usually like to attempt to make a panorama from at least 6 or 7 images, but this has been made from just 3 and which is why I’ve included it in the architecture section rather than the panoramas. Although this was taken with an 18-200mm lens, it was still not wide enough to cope with the sheer scale of the building.

Taken on a recent holiday to one of my favourite places – Nice, in France, this was the first time I’d strayed away from the old town and the coast, mainly due to being there for a week and having been on an open-top bus exploring the town and its suburbs.

This is the Russian Orthodox Cathedral – the largest outside Russia, and built by Nicholas III before his death at the beginning of the previous century for use by his countrymen who were flocking to the French Riviera. Although on French soil, the land had always been owned by the Russian church but has recently been the subject of a dispute by the Russian nation.

A beautiful building that really takes your breath away, although unfortunately photography is not allowed inside the Cathedral, where the decoration is absolutely stunning.

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