The Square Head

La Tête au Carré

This sculpture is called La Tête au Carré (Thinking inside the box), and was created by the sculptor and artist Sacha Sosno. It was designed for the Central Library of Nice. It’s 30 metres high and 14 metres wide, and houses the library administration and the Library itself and was opened on 29th June 2002 after having been put on hold for some years.

The project was finally taken over by Yves Carrard, who did a great deal of research on the materials for the project – finally opting for perforated alumiunium sides as it was of course impossible to design windows in the head. This allows the staff working inside to see out as through a net curtain, almost it isn’t possible to see in. There are apparently three floors in the neck and four in the square.

There are other views over on my flickr stream which are more true to life La Tête au Carré [i] – this has been given a slight HDR pop to bring out the texture of the alumiunium.

(Can someone let me know if I’ve got this wrong – I’ve had to translate it from French, and mine’s a bit rusty!)

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