A Celebration of Country Life

May 7th, 2017

An afternoon over at Thorpe Mandeville village fete today, in the south west of South Northamptonshire, for a celebration of country life.

On arrival, I headed over to see the magnificent Hook Norton Brewery horses. The two at the fete were quite nervous, as it was the first time they’d been out.
Hook Norton horse Hook Norton Brewery horse


The reason the horses were slightly nervous was because Brackley Morris Men were dancing, playing and jingling a little way down the field and they gave a display for around an hour with their sticks, hankies and even bunting!

Brackley Morris Men  Brackley Morris Men


Brackley Morris Men - the musicians Brackley Morris Men

Brackley Morris Men - the Fool Stephen - Billy No Mates

Brackley Morris Men Brackley Morris Men

Brackley Morris Men

The fete was being held in aid of Thorpe Mandeville Village Hall, and there were tractors, lambs and Aunt Sally and table skittles outside, whilst inside and in the courtyard there were craft tables as well as a raffle being run by the Save our Horton team.

Hands off our Horton raffle Tractor

We've been on the tractor! Stalls

Craft tables The Cake stall was popular as ever

After a delicious burger, we went outside to enjoy the musical part of the day which started with 5Ways, a local barbershop group and I switched to my musical alter-ego, LadyGigger!

5Ways Acapella 5Ways Acapella

5Ways Acapella

5Ways Acapella 5Ways Acapella

After that, it was time for the Hook Norton brewery horses to depart:

Time to go home

Next up on the music stage was Stevie Cooper, later joined by his daughter Lindsey-May:
Stevie Cooper Stevie and Lindsey-May

Stevie Cooper and Lindsey-May Lindsey-May Cooper

A view from behind the stage of the outside entertainment: tractors, aunt sally and table skittles. Most people were sitting on hay bales or at tables around the stage, enjoying the music.

Tractors and skittles and people

Last up on the music stage were Flo and B who’d come over from Northampton and an excellent set which was enjoyed by the crowd (and me!)

Audience Flo and B

Relaxed - well, B is I think I've been spotted

Black and white Flo Looking back towards the stage

B Flo

I had a quick wander round the fete to see what else was going on

Finding a comfortable spot to watch the music Bubbles and skittles

This picture includes two people whose wedding I will be shooting later in the year

This picture includes two people whose wedding I will be shooting later in the year

After that, there was just time to draw the raffle (and I actually won a prize) before going home

Leigh and Bob - drawing the raffle Bob - having help drawing the raffle

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