A little bit of country life

November 11th, 2010

The Parish Council of my village has prepared a Design Statement, which is due to be published shortly once it has been approved by the District Council. The Parish Council have asked the people of the village if they have any pictures for inclusion on the website, so I went for a wander round last week with my camera. Pictures of the streets are already available, and since it was the weekend there were too many cars about to get a clear view of the streets, so these are some of my favourite places in the village.

This is taken from the footpath to the church looking back towards the High Street.

Once you get to the end of that path, you have a choice: to walk towards the Church or to branch out across the grounds of the Hall towards the next village on a footpath:

Or you can turn the other way, and walk towards the Church:

Finally, one of my favourite views which isn’t in the village itself – this is taken on the road out of the village, about 200 metres away from my home (there are advantages in being the last house in the village):

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