A massed meeting of Morris dancers

October 5th, 2015

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of our local band of merry Morris dancers, Royal Oak Morris.


To celebrate, there was a mass Morris dancing celebration on the first Saturday in October where it all began, at the Royal Oak in Eydon.


Larger versions will open in a slideshow if you click on a thumbnail.


Eydon Royal Oak Morris, with guest

IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1655 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1656

IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1662  IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1658



Another regular visiting troupe to the Royal Oak, the Brackley Morris men:



Hereburgh Morris from Harbury:

IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1713 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1718 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1722


Braybrooke Morris from Market Harborough, with guests from various troupes:

IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1654 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1776 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1766 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1765


I hadn’t seen Border morris teams performing in Eydon before: first up was Plum Jerkum from Warwick:

IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1724  IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1729 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1734

IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1743 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1760IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1806


The Stony Steppers, clog dancers from Stony Stratford:



And last but not least , Kick Start, who are Appalachian dancers and another side from Harbury:

IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1676  IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1789 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1809 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1810 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1845 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1847


The second Border morris team was Wicket Brood, from Hertfordshire:

IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1693 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1694 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1698 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1704


And finally, the musicians for the various troupes (I particularly liked the badge which said “I like fiddling with Morris men”) and a few spectators.

It seems fitting that the final image shows one of the founders of the Royal Oak Morris.

IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1677 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1707 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1816 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1839 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1769 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1794 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1842 IMG_2015-10-03_Morris_web-1851

More photos can be viewed in my Photobox Pro Gallery (CarolAnn Photos Gallery) and are also available as digital downloads. Please do contact me for details.






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