A new bird feeder

December 27th, 2010

One of my other interests, apart from landscapes and gig photography, is birds and wildlife although I wouldn’t count myself as a twitcher – I just like to watch the birds in my garden.

I recently bought a new bird feeding station, which is positioned outside the window of my living room. Initially I thought it was too close to the building and that birds wouldn’t visit but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

These were taken with my camera mounted on a tripod, and trying out which lenses worked best.

This was taken with a 70-300mm lens at about 141mm:

Although used to seeing starlings and blue tits in the garden, I haven’t seen a woodpecker for many years so was very pleasantly surprised to see one visit. I’ve seen him a few times since, although the camera hasn’t been set up.

These were taken with a much faster Sigma 105mm prime macro lens.

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