A rural village fete

September 3rd, 2014

Eydon’s summer fete

Lilah Parsons Lilah Parsons - I declare this fete open

Our fete this year was opened by local celebrity, Lilah Parsons, the model and MTV presenter.


We couldn’t have had a better late summer day: the sun shone (most of the time). As I arrived, the classic cars were being set up, Eydon Knits and Made in Eydon were preparing for the visitors, the sun was shining on the bric-a-brac marquee, the bar was getting ready for business (with the smoke of the barbecue floating overhead), the heads of the Parish Council were in charge of the popular bottle tombola and Banbury Model Flying Club had a great display of their planes.

Classic Cars IMG_08-14_EVF_wb-3910 Across the field The bar will be open soon The Parish Council were in charge of the Bottle Stall Banbury Model Flying Club

After Lilah had opened the fete, it was down to the serious business of judging the best dog from Eydon Knits:

The winner is chosen by Lilah

After a rather delicious lunch in the courtyard (we took in a Pimms from the bar), it was back to the fete to watch the Fun Dog Show: the most attractive dog, the dog with the waggiest tail, the fastest up the field (I think a handler had to call the dog to them – even after a rerun the same dog won); and dog tricks: the winner played dead but that doesn’t make for a good picture so instead I’ve shown a jumper.

And what is your dog called Who has the best looking dog Fun Dog ShowDog tricks

And after the dog show, there was a fly past – or several, including looping the loop and demonstrating the slow stall speed of a Tiger Moth:

Tiger Moth aerobatics The final pass of the Tiger Moth

And then it was down to the bottom of the field for the terrier racing. The first image shows the operator of the lure machine which had been found in store – over 30 years old. By the time the races finished (once again won by Ben, the black labrador) the hare was much the worse for wear and Cracker the terrier was allowed to keep the trophy.

Preparing the hareNearly caught it  Dog RacingThe finalThe dog that kept the hare


The final event of the afternoon was the auction, with lots of green beans, cakes, trifles, and pumpkins being hotly contested, although I think the auctioneer’s assistant decided to take a rest towards the end and there was also a surprise fly past of the Avro Vulcan. Then there was just time to catch the gladiator jousting and a few more dogs before heading home

And who will buy my beautiful pumpkin The auctioneers assistant resting Avro Vulcan  Man downTime to relax



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