A short trip to Cambridge

December 20th, 2010

Although now based in South Northamptonshire, I was born and brought up in St Ives, Cambridgeshire and my first job was in Cambridge itself.

I don’t visit often nowadays, but after going to see my brother’s band (see the Filthy Rich pics in the Music set) I went over to Cambridge the following day to get a little Christmas shopping.

Surprisingly, I managed to park on The Backs alongside Kings College. And was able to get this HDR shot of Kings College and the Gibbs Building. I did try taking a standard shot, but it was a very dark and overcast day and didn’t do the buildings justice, so I thought an HDR would work better:

Although the sign outside the gate said that the grounds and Chapel were closed, we were allowed to walk through, and this image was taken from the far corner of the Quad alongside Kings Parade:

Finally, this image was taken on Market Hill looking across the Market Place to the Church of St Mary the Great. I actually used to work across the passage from this building (for Barclays Bank) in the 1970’s, although that building has been extensively redesigned since then.

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