A traditional Boxing Day

December 29th, 2010

Every year, weather permitting, the Mummers perform at our local pub. They do two performances: the first is inside the pub, which is very crowded but great fun although it does make photography difficult. I don’t like to use flash, as the performers are literally so close.

These two images were taken inside the pub, both hand-held and at ISO 3200:

The first image shows the entry of King George (some years he’s Saint George), and the second, although noisy, shows some of the other members of the cast: Big Head, Beelzebub, the drunken Doctor, and Old Molly (the narrator).

After a short rest, the hats have been passed round for charity and several more drinks, the play is performed again in the car park of the pub. All of the images taken outside of the Mummers play are taken from an HD video I took. Not sure yet whether I shall attempt to upload the video to youtube, as it’s 3.8GB in size, and I have a slow connection. Also, I missed the end – at over 10 minutes long, the play was just slightly too long for my 4GB card, but it is a full HD video.

The first image shows the entry of the devil, Beelzebub, this year played as an impression of Michael Caine (I hasten to add with no aspersions). Also shown are King George and the Duke of Cu-Cumberland.

This is Old Molly resuming her narration as Beelzebub leaves. Also in shot are the Doctor, Monsieur Finney, King George and the Duke of Cu-Cumberland.

King George and the Duke then fight a duel, broken up by bad jokes (such as….. “I can’t spell Armageddon” – “Oh, it’s not the end of the world…”)

The drunken doctor is then called, who administers first a small pill and then a larger one, each of which is spat out.

The third dose of medicine has varied throughout the year – at times being a little blue pill, although this year it was from a bottle labelled “super Pils – certified cr*p foreign beer”, which I am assured contained something stronger – possibly sloe gin mixed with Speckled Hen?

Unfortunately my video card ran out just after I took this image, where Monsieur Finney enters and removes the “great tooth” from King George. This year Msr Finney was played à la Clouseau, hence he introduced himself as Monsieur Fanny. He’s experiencing a slight wardrobe malfunction here, as his moustache kept falling off:

After the play, the local Morris team usually follow on in the car park. However, as can be seen in the shots above, it was far too snowy to dance there, so the road outside was shut for a few minutes whilst they danced to Carols:

As can be seen, our Morris team is mixed:

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