All Fools Day in Northampton

April 3rd, 2012

I saw what I thought could be an interesting day out advertised on Facebook: The Fools Parade, to take place in the beautiful Abington Park in Northampton. Unfortunately I misread the times for the event so I got there too late to see the Parade of Fools or the Bicycle Parade, but did get there in time to see an excellent local group, Kings Gambit, playing in the old Bandstand. I’ll definitely look out for them again!

In the first shot, of the lead singer, I liked the reflection of the crowd in his sunglasses.

Two shots from the other side of the bandstand where I wasn’t fighting the light by shooting into the sun:



After their set, we wandered across to watch the Sports Day and to admire the gardens. I particularly liked the large magnolia tree in the grounds of St Peter and St Pauls Church, which is next to the Park:

To finish off the afternoon, I decided to revisit one of my old haunts from when I used to work in Northampton: the cemetery at Trice Place on the Billing Road. The first shot is of a statue that has long since fallen, and which I always think of as a fallen angel:

Fallen Angel

The other monument which always fascinates me is located in the opposite corner: a memorial to the founder of Roberts Brothers circus, who was born in Kingsthorpe (an area of Northampton on the west of the town). The weeping horse was erected on the death of Robert Fossett in 1923 and is a Grade II listed monument.

Henry against the sky

He has suffered quite a bit of damage over the years: apparently there used to be a stone book of remembrance by his forelegs, but that is long gone; his ears have disappeared, but you can still see the tears on his face through the dirt of years on his face.

The weeping horse

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