December 5th, 2011

… or should I say Ambush, another of the local Northamptonshire bands that I often go to see. Good rock musicians all, their singer has an excellent voice.

Mind you, I don’t usually see them two weeks in succession, but the first week they were playing at a venue new to me and where I’ve been asked to do a shoot next weekend for the Ozzy Osbourne tribute band, Blizzard of Ozz, who share some of their members with Ambush.

These were taken the first week – I think Gary (the drummer) had spotted me and my camera, as he paused momentarily whilst I took this shot:

And this is a very uncharacteristic smiling Jim, the vocalist:

The second week, I was on familiar territory at the King Billy in Northampton. A shot of the whole band:

I’ve been trying to catch Jim tossing back his hair – third time lucky, I think:

And finally, several shots of Gary, the drummer:

I’ve been trying to catch Gary twirling that stick for a long time – it’s not easy.

Next weekend could hopefully be busy: a craft fair on the Saturday, followed by a shoot for Blizzard and their new line-up in the evening and maybe a second craft fair on the Sunday.

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