An evening with the Royal Oak and Brackley Morris teams

May 20th, 2012

Whilst walking around the village putting up posters for the Diamond Jubilee disco (which I’m helping to organise) we saw another poster advertising an evening of Morris dancing down the local pub.

Our local team, aptly named after the pub: the Royal Oak Morris, were dancing with a team from about 10 miles away, the Brackley Morris Men. The Royal Oak Morris team are slightly different, in that they’re a mixed team.

So here are a few shots I took that evening, which started around 8pm so obviously the film speed had to be increased as the night wore on, until eventually I had to resort to flash.

Hankies at the ready

The first jump shot The fool with Brackley Morris

Stephen, musician for the Brackley Morris men

Kevin, hankie waving

My favourite shot of the evening

...waving those hankies

Advanced hankie waving and jumping

...can be seen on the extreme right of the image

Sticks ahoy

...time to join the queue for a pint or two

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