Bloodstock Open Air Festival – Sunday, Day 3

August 23rd, 2011

Another great selection of bands available, although today was mostly spent in front of the two main stages as we just didn’t get time to get down to the New Blood stage.

The first band of the day for us was Hammerfall, who were on the main Ronnie James Dio stage, who were followed by Exodus:

After that, I think there was death metal on the main stage so we wandered down to the Sophie Lancaster tent, where we saw first Power Quest and then Amaranthe. We’d also seen Amaranthe earlier in the afternoon on the Jagermeister stage doing an acoustic set, which I really liked but as I was standing at the back I was too far away (or too short, to be honest) to get a shot. However, afraid I wasn’t so keen on their live electrified set although the tent was packed – so it’s just me then! Whilst we were waiting for the roadies to clear the stage and set up, I saw this little boy and couldn’t resist a shot. He and his family were also standing next to us when we watched the final act of the day.

Then it was time to go and find some food before the final two acts of the day on the main stage. We got there just as Morbid Angel were finishing (they sounded good, but I was too late to get any shots). The headliners on the final day were Motorhead and, I have to say, they were a disappointment for me. It was the first time that I’d seen them, and I expected much more than we got – the stage going completely dark twice during the set (the first time for more than 5 minutes) and they also cut 25 minutes from their set. I know a lot of people were rather disappointed that they didn’t do more of their back catalogue, but Lemmy seemed mainly intent on plugging his/their new album. I surprised myself by knowing one of the new tracks. They finished with a very lacklustre Ace of Spades, threw out their picks and drumsticks and left the stage for the final time. Apparently they were suffering from a bug (called Jack Daniels?) and had only played because they didn’t want to disappoint their fans. None of the shots that I got were great – although I was at the barrier, I was to the right of the stage and most of the time Lemmy was obscured behind a speaker.

Their most enjoyable track for me was when they brought on the fire eaters. Once again, not a great shot but one for the memory bank anyway!

And finally, a last one of the funfair – although I have to admit this was actually taken on Saturday night and I forgot to add it to my last post.

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