Chinese New Year in Northampton

March 7th, 2015

Northampton staged its first Chinese New Year celebration last week (1st March 2015).


There was lots to see and do, including a lantern competition for the children, dances of various types: hip hop for the children and traditional dances from Southern China for the adults, martial arts and a beautiful Tai Chi demonstration, music and, of course, the traditional lion dances which were absolutely amazing. There were lots of food stalls as well as stalls raising awareness and funds for local Chinese charities and schools. The afternoon finished with the dragon appearing and parading through the Market Square. The event was sponsored (as can probably be gathered from the images) by Northampton Borough Council and Aspers Casino.


Despite the weather – it was quite cold, and although mostly fine (and at times sunny), we also had heavy rain showers which didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm for the day which was really enjoyable.


IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8414 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8425 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8429

IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8454 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8445 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8473

IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8486 IMG_2015-03-01_M_ChNY_web-8358 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8562

IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8557 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8559 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8661

IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8714 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8683 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8699

IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8505 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8519 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8521

IMG_2015-03-01_M_ChNY_web-8357 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8460 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8480

IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8691 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8707 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8742

IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8556 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8544 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8502

IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8526 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8514 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8512

IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8628 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8614 IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8598

IMG_2015-03-01_D_ChNY_web-8775 IMG_2015-03-01_M_ChNY_web-8388 IMG_2015-03-01_M_ChNY_web-8416

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