February 15th, 2011

It’s funny how you return to take multiple images of the same subject. In my case, the statue which can be found in Abington Street, Northampton to commemorate the scientists who discovered DNA fascinates me and I’ve taken it many times.

The following images have been taken with a variety of cameras, all Canons: a compact Powershot A710is, an EOS 400d (my first DSLR) and my new DSLR, an EOS 550d.

The first image was taken in October 2008, with my compact – the light was very varied, and I felt that the image worked better as a mono:

The second was taken a couple of days later – once again, I was walking past the statue and thought how striking it looked in the sun against the dark clouds:

Taken about a year later, with the 400d:

I used to work in Northampton, so used to pass the statue almost daily. I’ve since moved to a new job, so don’t see it so often. The next two images were taken on a trip in November, 2010 at sunset with the 550d. I came out of a shop, and knew that I just had to stay around to get the right light.

November 2010

Finally (or for the time being, anyway!) I was in Northampton again last weekend and was passing the statue in the golden hour before sunset. Once again, I was attracted to the light playing on the statues. The statues were very new when I first saw them, but are now beginning to weather a little.

The first image was taken just outside the base, and looking straight up:

And this was taken from the base of the semi-helix, and is the first time I’ve managed to catch a reflection of the statue in the opposing strut.

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