Fun at the Feria and around the town of San Pedro de Alcantara

November 21st, 2015

A few pictures from my first visit to this beautiful and friendly town. I thoroughly enjoyed the parade and the Feria, and thank you to all the kind people who stopped me to ask me to take their picture!


2015-10_Spain-3553 2015-10_Spain-3602 2015-10_Spain-3603 2015-10_Spain-3607 2015-10_Spain-3611 2015-10_Spain-3616 2015-10_Spain-3631 2015-10_Spain-3638 2015-10_Spain-3650 2015-10_Spain-3661 2015-10_Spain-3675 2015-10_Spain-3809 2015-10_Spain-3845 2015-10_Spain-3848 2015-10_Spain-3850 2015-10_Spain-3995 2015-10_Spain-3997 2015-10_Spain-3999 2015-10_Spain-4003 2015-10_Spain-4007 2015-10_Spain-4008 2015-10_Spain-4027 2015-10_Spain-4029 2015-10_Spain-4036 2015-10_Spain-4040 2015-10_Spain-4046 2015-10_Spain-4049 2015-10_Spain-4058 2015-10_Spain-4060 2015-10_Spain-4065 2015-10_Spain-4066 2015-10_Spain-4075 2015-10_Spain-4077 2015-10_Spain-4082 2015-10_Spain-4085 2015-10_Spain-4088 2015-10_Spain-4092 2015-10_Spain-4095 2015-10_Spain-4099 2015-10_Spain-4100 2015-10_Spain-4105 2015-10_Spain-4116 2015-10_Spain-4124 2015-10_Spain-4125 2015-10_Spain-4127 2015-10_Spain-4130 2015-10_Spain-4135

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