North Oxfordshire Riding Club Annual Show

August 26th, 2017

Held at Newlands Farm, Bloxham on the 20th August, this was the 34th Annual Show for the Club.

A hazy start soon gave way to blazing sunshine for most of the day, before the clouds and drizzle returned for the last class in the Showing Ring.

I’m just sharing a few of my favourite images from the day. The full set can be found on my SmugMug site but as some of the images contain children, if you’d like to see them please do contact me for the link. (I never share pictures of children on my website or social media pages without the express permission of a parent).

2017-08-20_NORC web-2314 2017-08-20_NORC web-2297

2017-08-20_NORC web-2206 2017-08-20_NORC web-2181

2017-08-20_NORC web-8857 2017-08-20_NORC web-1713

2017-08-20_NORC web-1678 2017-08-20_NORC web-8726

2017-08-20_NORC web-8723 2017-08-20_NORC web-2330

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