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May 5th, 2012

I’ve been rather quiet of late – not because I haven’t been taking photos, because I have. ┬áThere have been visits to see various bands:-

There was a trip to London, and my first visit to the British Museum:-

During the brief moments of sunshine that we’ve had in the last three weeks since the drought was declared official and the hosepipe ban introduced I’ve had a wander during my lunchtime down to the stream that runs behind Bury Mount beside the Water Meadows, and I’m still trying to find out what the yellow flower is. The image has been desaturated as the colours are almost livid. It looks as if it’s related to a buttercup (ranunculus), but the leaves are wrong. The Water Meadows do actually have water in them for the first time since I began working in Towcester 18 months ago.

I’ve done a pre-wedding shoot with Anna and Matt, although they’ve requested that the images are not made public yet as they want to keep their plans for the decoration and ceremony secret for the time being, but I’m thoroughly looking forward to shooting their wedding next month. This image doesn’t give anything away!

But what I’ve mostly been doing is preparing for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations for the village next month. The local Historical Society is looking for images of village celebrations in times past, the Ladies Group just want images for their archives, and the Humpty Dumpty childrens’ group has asked if I have any images from when my children attended in the mid to late 80s. So the last few weeks have been spent going through slides taken from the early 80’s to about 2000 (and I’m only half way there). What I did find were some images of when the winters


hard. However, the slides haven’t always kept well, and as can be seen from the before and after shown below I’ve got quite a bit of work to do yet!

And this weekend could be interesting: I’ve been invited to shoot an album launch tomorrow night for a local folk/rock band, and on Monday (weather permitting) I shall be in Northampton with a mobile studio at the Medieval Castle May-day Revel in Northampton at the Chalk Lane car park. If not, we’ll be inside the church.

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