Snowdrop Sunday

February 18th, 2014

Sunday 16th February was Snowdrop Sunday in the village: most gardens have snowdrops somewhere at this time of year, but the massed snowdrops in the churchyard of St Nicholas were particularly good. Having been engrossed in the Winter Olympics coverage, I set out a little late for the best of the light, but a walk through the village was very welcome after the very wet weather recently. Sunday was one of the brightest days since before Christmas, when the local brook suddenly became a lake:
Blackbirds Farm

We were lucky that Boxing Day had also been sunny to allow the annual performance of the Mummers Play:
Mummers Play 2013

There were very few sunny days in January, and February had continued in the same vein. Our part of the country had got off lightly, with only one or two roads impassable due to flooding but it has been very difficult to get out walking due to the sodden ground. Some of the footpaths locally have also been closed due to fallen trees which came down in the storms, but on Sunday I finally got out with my camera.

Snowdrop Sunday in the Churchyard The Millennium Clock on St Nicholas Church Lichen 1 Lichen ii Textured tree IMG_Feb14-Ey-7975 Let me in

And the natives were very friendly:
The natives are friendly Am I gorgeous

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