The approach of Autumn

September 13th, 2013

It’s now mid-September in England and, after a glorious summer the seasons are beginning to change.

This was taken on the border of West/South Northamptonshire: from Upper Weedon and looking across towards Litchborough. The harvest is in, the hay is baled and a storm was approaching.

Autumn landscape

The threat of the storm passed over, and I went to look for a new place to get some sunset shots. I ended up at Fawsley, about 5 miles south of Daventry and arrived just pre-sunset. This is taken across one of the lakes:

Fawsley dusk

As the sun began to set, this was taken away from the lake and looking back towards the church:
Fawsley sunset

And finally, before the light disappeared entirely, I went back down towards the lake to watch the swans

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