The award winning Bury Mount

June 1st, 2011

This is Bury Mount, off Moat Lane in Towcester – the site of an old 12th century castle which has recently been redeveloped and has recently been given a Heritage award (beating a restoration project at Westminster Abbey, I believe). It has been nicely redeveloped, although it is very difficult at present to park near it. I really can’t believe that there are no sign posts in the town to attract visitors to it and, unless you know it’s there, you’d never find it.

These images were taken over the space of three days as I work just 100 yards from the site on a narrow road that runs parallel to Watling Street.

The first image shows part of the mound covered in wild flowers, looking towards the Water Meadows which have also recently been restored and opened to the public:

The second image also shows the mount covered in flowers, this time with the Church of St Lawrence in the background:

Another aspect of the mound, once again with the Church of St Lawrence, but taken the day after the image above when the storm clouds were gathering:

Taken from the far side of the River, this shows the top two thirds of the Mount – taken a day after the image above when the storm clouds had cleared and it was a lovely warm evening:

Finally, my favourite of the series is this HDR version, with 3 images merged to form a composite which hopefully shows the textures in the grass and the Northamptonshire ironstone used to build the Church of St Lawrence – which I’ve featured before, and is well worth a visit. Once again, this was taken from the Water Meadows on the far side of the River Tove.

The BBC news link can be found here.

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