The Central TREC Group at Culworth

September 10th, 2015

On the 29th and 30th August, the small South Northamptonshire village of Culworth hosted a Qualifying event as part of the Blue Chip Summer Series TREC.


The official TREC photographer was unable to attend, so the local camera club which I run was asked to cover the event. Our members use everything from iPhones through compact cameras to DSLR’s and full frame cameras: all are welcome.


I was unable to attend on the Saturday, so Colin stepped in for me. He definitely had the best of the weather!

IMG_2015-08-30-Colin_web-4127IMG_2015-08-29_Colin_web-4143  IMG_2015-08-29_Colin_web-4170  IMG_2015-08-29_Colin_web-4213  IMG_2015-08-29_Colin_web-4236  IMG_2015-08-29_Colin_web-4301


Sunday started cloudy with occasional drizzle, and during the morning session we had Dave with his compact Panasonic:

IMG_2015-08-30-Dave_web-1050681 IMG_2015-08-30-Dave_web-1050704 IMG_2015-08-30-Dave_web-1050706 IMG_2015-08-30-Dave_web-1050693


John came along for a while, before he and Dave went off in search of tea and coffee! John is the only Nikon shooter in the group.

IMG_2015-08-30-Dave_web-1050706 IMG_2015-08-30-John_web-3 IMG_2015-08-30-John_web-7 IMG_2015-08-30-John_web-6


Whilst they were off to fetch refreshments, I carried on shooting:

IMG_2015-08-30-Carol_web-0829 IMG_2015-08-30-Carol_web-9100 IMG_2015-08-30-Carol_web-9142 IMG_2015-08-30-Carol_web-9208


After lunch, however, the weather took a turn for the worse and I was shooting on my own as I was the only one with rain protection for my camera and telephoto lens.

IMG_2015-08-30-Carol_web-9424 IMG_2015-08-30-Carol_web-9454 IMG_2015-08-30-Carol_web-9472 IMG_2015-08-30-Carol_web-9489 IMG_2015-08-30-Carol_web-9502 IMG_2015-08-30-Carol_web-9528 IMG_2015-08-30-Carol_web-9576 IMG_2015-08-30-Carol_web-9591 IMG_2015-08-30-Carol_web-9632 IMG_2015-08-30-Carol_web-9641


The full set of images has been uploaded to my Photobox gallery for easier viewing: CarolAnn Photos Photobox Pro Gallery where images can be purchased, if you wish. Alternatively, if you would like a digital download, please do contact me via the contact form on this site with the number of the image that you require, and I will send you a PayPal invoice. A donation to Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance will be made for every image sold.



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