The first snows of winter

February 14th, 2012

After a mild but dreary autumn, the weather changed quickly at the end of January to what might be called proper winter, almost overnight. Suddenly the temperatures dropped, followed by driving rain, frost, ice and then heavy snow during the first week of February.

Although it looks beautiful, as I live in what passes for a remote village in South Northamptonshire – down a mostly single-track lane, two miles in any direction from a main road. This year, however, we’ve been lucky as the route that I use to get to work has been cleared and salted.

My day job is in Towcester, and I’ve posted several blogs about the area before but thought I would post another.

I usually park in Moat Lane, adjacent to Bury Mount. Bury Mount has been recently restored and opened as a public park and is the sight of a Norman motte and bailey. This view is from the Northampton Road, across what is currently wasteland before the Moat Lane redevelopment starts and was taken on my way into work.

The second image of Bury Mount was taken from the bridge over the mill stream. If you don’t want to climb the stairs to the top of the Mount there is an alternative route: a concrete path winds its way up and around the Mount, and set in the concrete are historical dates throughout the last few thousand years of events that happened in and around Towcester. I thought that this image worked much better in a high contrast mono, but would be interested in your thoughts.

On crossing the little pedestrian bridge over the stream at the foot of Bury Mount, you enter the Water Meadows: Grade II* registered parkland which was opened to the public at the same time as the restored Bury Mount and is a beautiful walk at any time of year.

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