The Halloween Headbanger’s Ball

November 8th, 2011

After I attended Mantleday in September, I was asked if I would shoot portraits of the guests plus a few band shots for the Halloween Ball which was held in Banbury, Oxfordshire on the 29th October and I thought that this would follow on nicely from my shots of the Zombie walk in Strasbourg.

The evening began with a Zombie fire dancer – difficult to catch well, particularly as my camera decided it didn’t like the damp atmosphere and stopped working for a few minutes, but a quick wipe of the battery contacts soon fixed that.


After the fire dancer, we all returned inside to start watching the bands, and there was a good selection of rock, metal and blues. Some of the bands had entered into the Halloween spirit, in particular Lee from Mother Corona in the clown head, Mark (the guitarist) and Zeb, the vocalist with Six Bullet Chamber and Captain Jack Sparrow/Pete Bailey from the folk/rock band Leatherat.

About half of the guests had come in costume, and these were my favourites:

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