The Uprising

May 18th, 2012

As I said in my last post, the Spring Bank Holiday weekend proved to be interesting.


I went to an excellent gig on the Sunday night where Leatherat, a folk-rock band from Banbury, were playing their new album “Uprising” in its entirety together with guests who’d played on the album.


Unfortunately we’d missed the acoustic bands playing in the foyer, but here’s a selection from the evening:

First on the main stage were Highway Alaska, a fairly new rock band from Banbury, who are doing very well and have already played in Birmingham and London. The first two shots are of Luke, who is also a solo performer as a singer/song-writer and their bassist, who for some reason had turned up in a penguin suit (literally) and reminded me of Pingu.

I didn’t manage to get a decent shot of their other guitarist, but I think the drummer spotted me:


Next up were Something Nasty in the Wood Shed (I’m still wondering if they’re Divine Comedy fans). In the first shot, I really liked the piper’s expression, and the same can be said for their bassist:

Another drummer:

Last on the main stage were Leatherat and friends:-

Jim, the lead guitarist with Leatherat

..I'll update the title when someone on Facebook tells me his name!

Loved the effect of the stage lighting in this shot

Taken from the side of the stage after I got out of the way once the moshing started!

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