Towcester Town [iii]

December 13th, 2010

After my trip in the “Niftylift” last week up the front of Towcester Town Hall, I had a little left of my lunch hour and, since the church had been looking so beautiful in the frosty winter sunshine, I went inside to see if the sun was coming in through the stained glass windows as it had created an interesting effect last time I was in there.

I was in luck – the sun was streaming through the windows, creatung an interesting effect on the stone surround. This time I stood back further, near the entrance of the church, to include more of the pews and columns, together with the Nativity Scene.

Outside in the churchyard, the sun was still streaming down and I was attracted to several of the tress, of which this was the best specimen. I was attracted by the bright sunlight on the frosty branches although I have had to edit the original image – dodging the shaded area of snow as it was very dark, and burning the branches of the tree to bring out the colour and texture.

Although I would have loved to stay outside in the sunshine, unfortunately I had to go back to work. However, on leaving work I decided to walk round by the church towards Watling Street. The church was beautifully lit up in preparation for their Carol service.

Finally, two images of the Town Hall, with Christmas decorations. The first is taken from near the Church, and the second from Watling Street (over the top of the parked cars) showing the handiwork of the gentleman who kindly took me up in their lift.

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