October 29th, 2011

Whilst on my holiday in France in September, I was told that there was going to be a Zombie walk so went to the Place Kléber to see how they would look. The majority of the costumes and make-up were excellent:

I thought this lady was more voodoo than zombie – although I can’t remember the character she’s supposed to be: from Pirates of the Caribbean, perhaps? But she and her partner (the zombie cop) did actually pose for me – the remainder are all candid shots.

The next two amused me: in the shot on the right, it looked like the lad on the right was a first aider at first glance and inspecting the wound on the lad on the left. In the shot on the left, these girls were obviously either carrying out running repairs by adding more bandages or still preparing:

More bloody nurses: these two were shy and wouldn’t look at the camera:

The final image, and my favourite of the afternoon:

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