Brixworth photowalk

Last weekend – something I’d not tried before – a communal photowalk, and many thanks to a friend for recommending it. However, all behind as usual so the blog sharing the photos has already gone up – see Back to Books”. If you click on the link, it should (hopefully) open in a new page.

The walk took place in a village in Northamptonshire that I’d not visited before (unusual, as I’ve lived in the county for over 25 years, and it’s not that big!). The main attraction in Brixworth has to be the glorious All Saints’ Church, set on top of a hill and so visible for miles around.
















I’ve also joined a flickr group (all of us are old students of the Open University photography course, T189) who have set a challenge of a photo a week with an alphabetical theme. This week was “B for bricks”, so Brixworth was ideal, although someone has commented that I should have taken this shot from the left to bring out more detail in the doorway and bricks. I did actually try that, but couldn’t get my shadow (and those of the other walkers) out of the shot.


Those three images are from the beginning and end of the walk, setting out and returning to the Church. We also walked around the village and across the fields and here’s my favourite images of the walk.

The roots of old ash trees, clinging on to a muddy bank:


Young rape seedlings, with the frost just melting on their leaves:




When the mushrooms chime, we will remember them:





The old Butter Cross:





Stained glass inside the church:


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