Towcester Town (i)

I only took my compact camera into work with me yesterday (6th December) as I didn’t think the weather was conducive to good photos, but I did manage to get these despite the frost and fog:

I was walking along the High Street when I spotted these gentlemen decorating the Town Hall, although I don’t think they saw me sneaking to take this:

However, they did spot me when I was focussing on a spider’s web:

They asked me if I’d like to go up in the lift but agreed to let me come back the next day (today) when I’d got my DSLR with me.

Walking back to work, I went round Bury Mount, which is just behind my office. I was trying to catch the essence of the foggy weather across the Water Meadows, but the very friendly lady walking her dog was a bonus:

I did go up in the cherry picker today, but am still sorting through all the shots!

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